e premte, 22 shkurt 2008


Hannan - Do you want to play Dum Dum game?

Yusuf - ok

Hannan - Put your hands together. Superman is standing next to your right hand and who is

standing next to your left hand?

Yusuf - Batman???

Hannan - Wrong. No one is here. Superman is standing next to your right hand.

Yusuf - Ohhhh. Next

Hannan - Am I touching your forehead?

Yusuf - No.

Hannan - Yes, I am holding your hand

Yusuf - Hahahhhah

funny talks

ok let's count 1 until 10


wow! That was realy great Genaral Skar

you're not a nice man

ugh! Wow! Easy there tiger

Cut it out hah


you missed number

2 I am not a fan of number 2

looks like number 2 is a fan of you

I'll be right back

wow! I think that was realy groovy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

e hënë, 10 dhjetor 2007

The big race.

Once upon a time, there were 2 kangaroos and 1 turtle. The 2 kangaroos wanted to race against the big turtle. They went to ask the thousands of animals in the forest to come to the race the next day.

The next day, the 2 kangaroos were excited. They believed they were going to win the race and get the trophy. But the turtle felt that he would not win the race and he would not get the trophy. Then the race began. The turtle was nervous while the 2 kangaroos were happy.

They ran and ran and ran as fast as they could. But the turtle was still slow. Then the 2 kangaroos looked behind to check on the turtle. One kangaroo saw that the turtle was very far away. The 2 kangaroos felt tired from running. They decided to sleep under a big tree. The turtle slowly passed them and saw the 2 kangaroos were sleeping. The turtle crawled as fast as he could.

Suddenly the 2 kangaroos woke up and saw the turtle was very far ahead of them. The turtle was crossing the finishing line. the turtle won the race and the 3 kangaroos ran away from the forest.

e enjte, 6 dhjetor 2007

my holiday

Last Friday, Iwent to Shah Alam mall with my mom, cousins Aisyah and Alya. Our first stop was the Baskin Robbins ice-cream shop. All of us had chocolate chip ice-cream.

After that, we went to the bookshop to buy art stuff. When I got home later on, my brothers and I started on our art attack project. I made a "cake" for my cousin Ateh. He will turn 10 years old this month. I'm going to surprise him. I hope he likes my cake.

e diel, 17 qershor 2007

HALEKIN the dragon by Yusuf

Once upon a time, there was a big dragon that lived in the forest. Its name was Halekin. One day, Halekin saw a goat. It breathed fire at the goat. The goat died. Then, Halekin saw the king of the forest. The king of the forest was a lion. It roared at Halekin. The dragon fought with the lion, and the lion died. Halekin then became the king of the forest. The dragon was so happy and excited.


e enjte, 31 maj 2007


Once upon a time, a Stegosaurus was eating some trees. Along came a Brachiosaurus named Ema. Ema ate some trees too. The tallest trees in the dessert. Then, T-Rex came. It was hungry and wanted to eat also. T-Rex fought with Stegosaurus and T-Rex won. Ema quickly ran away because she was so scared.The Stegosaurus died and T-Rex ate it.




e mërkurë, 30 maj 2007

POWERPUFF GIRLS save the day!

One day there were many monsters in Townsville. The monsters were everywhere. They were Mojo-Jojo and dinosaur.

The girls were at home relaxing. Bubbles was colouring her colouring book, Blossom was reading a magazine and Buttercup was playing with her building blocks.

Then the mayor called Powerpuff girls to save the town. So the Powerpuff girls flew to Townsville and fought with the monsters. They fought for one hour and five minutes and won. All the monsters crawled back to their homes.

The girls went back to their house and saw the Professor who was sleeping on the sofa. They carried the Professor to his room and they all went to bed feeling very tired.